Hartmut GoehlerFrom Germany

We stayed with hamed and his lovely parents 2 days and we felt like in our own family. Thank you very much for these two unforgettable days. Hamed picked us up in Fuman and we went by Taxi to a beautiiful village. Everything is really green, lots of trees, rice fields. The family is living in a traditional, small village house. Trees an animals (cattles, chicken, geese, ducks) in the green yard, a garden behind the house, everything quite and peaceful. Hamed shoewed us around to Ghal-e Rudkhan and MMasuleh. The dishes prepared by his mother were delicious. So we hope to see them again. Highly recommended.

AnnaFrom Austria

Staying with Hamed and his lovely parents was the best surfing experience i've ever had. Hamed is a great guy and he really cares about the people that surround him - his family, his friends. Hamed showed us around in the village, we went hiking and up to this great castle, we went to a animal-market, to a rice-factory, had really good food (his mother is such a good cook!), got to know the cows and the chickens, had lots of tea and fuman-cookies and lots of good conversations... Hamed, I hope you come to Austria one day and we can show you the same hospitality that we experienced in your place!! Thanks for everything.

Kate&AntoniFrom Newzland

We are so pleased to have met Hamed and his family. Staying in a village with cows, ducks and chickens wandering freely was quite a contrast to all the cities we've was a fabulous experience! His parents were very sweet and we met other friends and family too. Hamed is a real genuine, open, humble guy. He is keen to listen and learn from others and has a wonderful attitude to life & toward other people. We really respect him and wish him the very best for the future. We feel very lucky to have been hosted by him. Thank you Hamed for being you.

Roella de RuiterFrom Netherland

The first week of May 2015 I stayed 3 days with Hamed and his lovely parents. I must affirm all good qualities already written by other couchsurfers. Hamed is indeed a great person and a fantastic host. I felt very comfortable with him. Our contact started about 5 months ago when I asked him questions about visiting Qaleh Rudkhan and he provided me with a lot of information. So when I came another time to Iran with a tourist group this spring I wanted to meet Hamed and will never forget the days I spent with him. We climbed to the beautiful Rudkhan castle and visited Masuleh.Thanks to you and your family and I hope to see you again in the near future.

BernieFrom Australia

I met Hamed and many of his friends while staying in his village outside Fuman and while on a long day hike in the mountains. I learnt a lot about Gilan and Tullish culture. This was definitely a highlight of my trip.

Reec VandermydanFrom Australia

My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to get hosted by Hami and his parents. We had a great time, talking about many things and him showing us around the sights. His parents where so warm and friendly even though they don't speak a word of English.

GuiFrom Austria

Hamed is not only a really good host, the days we had at his place with his parents was "rawsome". Visits, greats food, hike in tea tree mount and even a swim into a river for my wife. I recommend Hamed to every visitors of Fouman.

Ferider KollnerFrom Germany

We stayed one night at hameds place and experienced a lot: two weddings, one trip in the mountains and very tasty food. I love the landscape in Fouman. As he lives in a litte village, there are a lot of sheeps and ducks and other animals... very nice. It was very relaxing and interesting in fouman. Hamed is a very nice guy, thanks for everything.

Florian SandkulerFrom Germany

if you decide to come over the mountains - try to meet this guy! Hamed welcomed me to his little paradise somewhere around Fuman. Over the three days I stayed with him, I was deeply impressed by his personality, his awareness of his surroundings and his generous hospitality.

Martina SchroeterFrom Germany

Me, my boyfriend and my dog stayed 5 nights with hamed and his parents. It was a wonderful experience. Hamed is a really nice and cool guy. His parents are awesome! Thanks hamed....all the best for the future

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