Fuman beautiful in every season

Just about 29 km far from Rasht lays a lovely city called Fuman. Small but lively, Fuman has housed Talesh and Gilak people for a long time. Fuman greets you with “Kulocheh”, a delicious traditional cookie, offers you moments of rural life in its villages beside the locals, shows you the beauty of nature in the surrounding mountains, and finally sees you off with sweat memories.

Life is going on in Masouleh

If you are interested in both nature and culture, you don’t have to look far.Masoule has hosed Talesh people for centuries beside the green mountains, mesmerizing jungle, waterfalls and several rivers...

Have a walk and buy experience

Bazaar has always been a place for trading but it has also been a place for people to come together and share their happiness and dissatisfaction too. Therefore, bazaar is also a place for geting knowledge about the local people and a country.This shopping cost you only a walk, observation, and listening.

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