Traveling and discovering a new place always has some complexities and necessities such as; Booking, currency, transportation. So, if you are willing to do it yourself, you are lucky. It is funny to deal with iranian over these subjects. If not! No worries, you're still lucky! We are ready and willing to get you through all of that.

Our guide and driver

Hamed is a 28 years old iranian tour guide. He has done a BA in psychology and a master in English Teaching. He is a licensed tour guide with a good command of English. He is experienced in both cultural guiding and also eco guiding. He is an avid hiker and nature lover who has done lots of touring and hiking in whole Iran.

Our car

Our car is a Samand (Peugeot) manufactured in 2014. It is equipped with air-conditioner, 4 config seats and posses a good level of safety.


If you have any question regarding Iran currency, money exchange in Iran, booking Iran hotels, booking Iran buses, booking Iran plane and booking Iran trains you can consult with us through WhatsApp or E-mail to get your answer.


  • Driving fare:

    15000 IRR
    per km
  • Cultural guiding price

    per day
  • Hiking tour prices

    per day for over 3000 meter peaks
  • Hiking tour prices

    per day for bellow 3000 meter peaks


Driver guide in iran

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