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There are many interesting pieces for you to see in guilan province. Pieces of food to be eaten, pieces of traditional clothes to be seen, pieces of music to be heard, pieces of culture to be experienced with local people. But when we are travelling some where there is always a sense of uncertainty going on about the genuineness of what we see,what we hear,and what we eat. Here we try help you to have some genuine experience ls while travelling.


There are many paths in the villages and mountains in Fuman where you can go for hiking. *requirement:backpacks - boots - food

Visiting tea factories

With us you can visit the tea factories and see black tea is being made in the factories.

Camping in the mountains

The countries around Masouleh and Qaleh roudkhan house many shepherds and cattle rancher during spring and summer. They are perfect for camping. *requirement:tent- sleeping bag - food

Visiting local markets

Visiting local markets is the best way to observe people. You see what they mainly eat. You understand how they deal with each other. And ,of course , you will hear many songs in local language as a Ad.

Picking tea leafs

You can observe and join locals from peaking tea leafs to sending to the factory. you can also visit the factory and see how they process black tea. (April to September)

Visiting rice paddies

Although nowadays planting rice is mostly done by machine but you will anyway see women planting rice and if you are lucky they may sing for you as they do as a tradition. (May and June)

Rice from farm to factory

You can observe all the work from riping rice to sending it to factory. If you like you can join them too. (August and September- The factories work longer till the January

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